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Physical and Mental Health Maintenance

Medical research shows a balanced, healthful diet and regular exercise are critical to maintaining healthy lives. This is particularly true with seniors and adults with disabilities, as consistent exercise and proper nutrition can have a more significant effect on their overall physical and mental well-being.

With seniors, many diseases and negative health conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, may be slowed, or prevented altogether, through regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and other positive lifestyle changes.

At Kristie Jo’s Love, Comfort and Care, our caregivers work hand in hand with your loved one’s medical team and their recommendations to ensure family members stay on track with diet, exercise, and healthy living practices. The company’s physical and mental health maintenance services include:

  • Ensuring patients regularly visit their primary care physicians
  • Frequently reviewing medications with their doctor(s)
  • Being aware of potential medication side effects and drug interactions including over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements, and alternative medicinal treatments
  • Following all recommended instructions for health screening, preventive tests, and vaccinations
  • Remaining proactive in the management of their own physical and mental well-being, and participating in medical-based decision-making about these issues
  • Routinely using skin moisturizer and high-quality sunscreen
  • Brushing and flossing their teeth at least once per day
  • Visiting a dentist at least once annually
  •  Following up with eye and foot doctors, especially for people with diabetes
  • Adhering to routine sleep schedules and using beneficial sleep practices
  • Engaging in regularly scheduled social activities, including playing cards and board games, maintaining frequent interaction with others, and other engaging forms of fun and socialization
  • Taking day trips and vacations

To learn more about our physical and mental health maintenance services, please call (805) 424-1140, or send us a message using the email form on the Contact page.


Read what others have to say about Kristie Jo’s Love, Comfort and Care

Kristie has the qualities of love, kindness, patience and dedication to all the people that surround her. I love her energy and outlook of life. I’m sure all of her clients adore her?. I’m happy to have found someone I feel comfortable sending my clients to.

Martina V

Kristie cared for my Uncle Cal and he built such a strong bond with her. She is full of energy, stories, and love. Great person and kept my Uncle happy!

Jeff T

Kristie is truly one of a kind. She cared for one of my close family members for many years and became part of our family. I highly recommend her.

Rick T

I have seen first hand, the respect and kindness she gives towards all whom she cares for. she goes above and beyond to brighten each and every day with her clients. she interacts with great conversation and is a great listener.

Wendy N

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